Bro George Wilson SW, a former member of TSL 1020 and son of our Secretary VWBro Randall Wilson DGIW D22, was Installed into the chair of King Solomon at Lodge Artarmon No. 285.

This special meeting took place in the presence of the Deputy Grand Master, RWBro Antoine Georges and his fine delegation.

The Installing Master was the new WM’s father, WBro Randall Wilson DGIW Elect (then), who was invited by the DGM to retire with the Grand Delegation at the end of the ceremony.
After serving the Lodge as the WM then IPM, Randall returned to the chair of King Solomon to Install his son as his successor. Naturally, the Installing Master was a little emotional at the end of the night.

WBro George immediately took charge of the Lodge, conducted the General Business and closed the Lodge as a fine Worshipful Master.

In support of our good friends, The Sydney Lodge 1020 assembled a large Fraternal to take part in this very memorable event.
(WBro Ken Shimizu WM thanks VWBro Brian Skingsley PDGIW, WBro Robert Diaz DC, WBro Bruce McLean MO, Bro Frank Avati JW, Bros Rene Gavarra MM, Arvin Gavarra MM, Shamil Samji Stwd, Paul Watson FCF, and Nayef Biram FCF for accompanying him.) WBro Shane Foley was also present as the IPM of LAU 285 (prior to George’s investiture).

We wish George and the Brethren of Lodge Artarmon United No. 285 another very successful term.


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