Attendance: WBro Ken Shimizu (WM), Bro Frank Avati (JW),  VWBro Randall Wilson DGIW (Secretary), WBro Bruce McLean (Membership Officer), Bro Wayne Lear (Director of Dining)

Apologies: Bro Yagiz Aksoy (JW), VWBro Brian Skingsley (Treasurer), WBro Robert Diaz (DC), WBro Richard Jamieson (MCO), WBro Shane Foley (LEO), Bro Rene Gavarra

It was confirmed as the true & accurate record of the previous management meeting.

For the benefit of those who were absent at the previous Management Meeting, Worshipful Master quickly recapped our Financial position, and raised the concern of our Cash Flow.

Even after removing the Patron’s expenses, and with tighter control on the Secretary’s costs, the Lodge will be making a small profit of just shy of $1K by NOT having any Emergent Meeting.
Should an extra meeting be required, the Lodge will lose some five hundred dollars.

And we are heavily relying on all members paying their membership fees, including those who have been absent for years.
Of the 93 current membership, approx. 50 have not attended a Lodge meeting for over 12 months.
Even by losing 10 of such members, the Lodge will lose over $20K per annum.

Although the Lodge currently has approx. $40K in cash reserve, the current financial model is not sustainable.

Resolution – After a lengthy discussion, the Board has agreed as follows:

  1. The Membership fee is to remain unchanged for the time being. 
    The Secretary raised a concern that the increase in the Membership Fee may trigger some resignations.
    By raising the fee by 10% and lost 8 members because of it, we will be making a loss.
  2. The Festive Board Dining Cost to make a small profit to compensate for the free pre-meeting canapés and drinks.
    Although this may create some unfairness where the members who are not staying for south receive free Hors d’oeuvre at the expenses of the diners, the majority of the members who come for the pre-meeting gatherings usually also stay for the Festive Board. This is accepted as the best of not so perfect solutions.
    Dining cost will be raised to approx. $90.00 per person.
  3. Catering for the Management Meeting to cease.  This will save the Lodge approx. $3,000 p.a.
    Those who are required to attend both Management Meeting and Rehearsal should bring in their own snacks.

In order to increase our retention rate, we must provide proper care for the new members.

Membership Officer was asked if he is aware of Mentors being assigned to the current EAFs and FCFs.

Membership Officer reported that there are a number of keen new members, and those who either have some personal issues or are unreachable.

Membership Officer will contact all current EAFs and FCFs to ascertain their current progress and report to the Worshipful Master ASAP.

The work for October largely depends on the eligibility of the new members to be either Passed or Raised.

Junior Warden suggested that the 1TB scheduled in November may be brought forward to October, and November be a 2nd or 3rd Degree Ceremony instead. Worshipful Master agreed, but will wait for the reports by the Membership Officer before making this decision.

Worshipful Master will have a separate meeting with the Membership Officer to discuss the Mentorship further at a later date.

Worshipful Master informed the Board that an Expression of Interest to for Managerial Training was invited.

In the interest of the succession planning, Worshipful Master aims for all of the current Lodge Management Team to be able to retire within 2 years. This plan requires the potential management members to be trained on the managerial role of their interest, commencing ASAP.

This announcement was made in the Regular Meeting, and as a result, Bro Nayef Biram (FCF) showed his interest in becoming a protégé of the Treasurer. Bro Biram is the Head of Pricing and Inventory Management in his workplace and a very keen Mason.
Worshipful Master has a great confidence in this FCF and recommended the Board for its approval.

The Secretary suggested that such appointment should be a sole digression of the Worshipful Master, but nevertheless, the Board approved of this appointment, provided that Bro Biram is given enough guidance to learn the Craft as well as the skills in his chosen field.

Congratulations Bro Nayef Biram.

Worshipful Master announced that he plans to conduct a Vote for amendments being made on the Lodge By-Law and the Hallmark.

Those documents have not been revised for some 15 years and desperately needs updates.

Worshipful Master once again reminded the Board to please login to the Slack App, review the proposed changed and make suggestions or comments on each of the subject.

Once the Board agrees on the contents, Worshipful Master will create the official draft to be presented within the new Lodge Website.
Members will be given enough time to view them and to make further suggestions.
The final version will be drafted based on the feedback before the October Meeting where the voting will take place.

As neither of the named Lodges has met as a Masonic Lodge for over 12 months, these Lodges are now deemed to have been surrendered according to the Clause 12.10.3 of the Grand Lodge Constitutions.

Accordingly, the Charter for both Lodges were recalled by the Most Worshipful Grand Master.

Worshipful Master and the Secretary visited the Grand Lodge on Friday, 7 September 2018 to comply and returned the Charter of Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No.2.

Whereabouts of the Lodge Samaritan’s Charter is unknown.
As Samaritan No. 50 is listed in the Grand Lodge Directory on its own, Worshipful Master suggested to the Grand Secretary to contact its Acting Secretary, RWBro Warwick Boyling to investigate further.

Worshipful Master advised the Board that The Sydney Lodge No. 1020 is not the current custodian of Samaritan No.50.

Worshipful Master will announce the work for our October Regular Meeting after receiving a report from the Membership Officer.

Please refer to the “Business Arising (Mentorship)” section of this report for further details.

Regardless of amendments we may be required to make, Worshipful Master will adhere to the TSL Annual Ceremony Schedule for all candidates from our newly initiated Brothers Sam Ibrahim and Abu Zafar.

Any members who have been on the “Candidate List” who are not committed to their own progress will be removed from the same list in the coming month(s). They will simply be treated as the EAFs and FCFs of this Lodge until they show interest in progressing further.

In the interest of supporting the Lodges within our District, Worshipful Master wishes to visit Lodge Miguel de Cervantes 1038 for their Installation Ceremony on Thursday, 20th of September 2018.

All Board members and the Members of the Ceremonial Team are encouraged to join.

This invitation has been emailed to all TSL members.

Worshipful Master also wishes to visit Lodge Wyvern 813 on Saturday, 14th of October 2018 at Newington College.
The Secretary, VWBro Randall Wilson is their DGIW and will join the Fraternal prior to his re-entry as a part of the Grand Lodge Delegation.

Lodge of Australia No.3 also has an Installation on Monday, 12 November 2018,
Lodge Germania 1036 on Wednesday, 21st of November and
Lodge Variety on Tuesday, 11th of December at NSW Masonic Club.

Worshipful Master will discuss the schedules from November onward closer to the time.

Worshipful Master, as the Web Master of the Lodge, has re-created the Lodge Website and now it is open for the Board Members to register.

WM asked for the Board Members to review the site and make any comments or suggestions prior to it being launched to the General Membership.

Worshipful Master thanked all in attendance this evening.

The next Board Meeting will be on Monday, 8th of October 2018.

The Meeting ended at 8:30pm.


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