Brother Senior Warden and I agree that TSL 1020 needs a short to mid term plan for our ceremonies.
Without it, the candidates are not given a time-specific progress plan, and therefore are unable to create schedules for their 12 visits, study time, etc.

Assuming that Bro Yagiz Aksoy to be my successor, we created an annual plan for our ceremonies as shown below:

With this plan, each candidate will be given opportunities to see each ceremony from the audiences perspective prior to advancing to the next degree.

The candidates are also given a chance to see the 1st Degree Tracing Board before becoming a Master Mason.

By attending all meetings, they will complete 11 meeting requirements (not allowed to join Mark Man), and hence will be required to visit other lodge at least once.

In the diagram below, Orange, Red and Purple represent different candidates showing their progressive movements.

Should the Worshipful Master wishes not to have an Emergement Meeting, he would be able to drop the Mark Man Ceremony, 1TB and/or the 2nd Degree Ceremony (this degree can be off-shored to another suitable lodge).

As a part of the Return to Excellence Initiative, TSL 1020 will no longer process large number of candidates in one ceremony.
Ideally, the candidate should experience each of the ceremony alone, as it is his special night.

However, with a large number of candidates still waiting to be passed and raised from previous years, I will have to allow for ceremonies with a small number of multiple candidates this year, with the maximum of 3 at any given time.

Hopefully Bro Senior Warden will have much more manageable number of candidates to process in his term next year.


WBro Ken Shimizu
Worshipful Master 2018-2019

[Plans amended for the Term 2018-2019]

Due to a number of circumstances, unfortunately, TSL 1020 will not be able to adhere to the above schedules in the Term 2018-2019.

We will instead accommodate as many 3rd Degree Candidates in waiting to be Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.
This will clear the backlog of the ceremonies overflowing from the previous years.

However, TSL 1020 will adhere to the Annual Ceremony Schedule from the Candidates welcomed in August 2018.
Bros Ibrahim and Zafar will be passed in early 2019 and raised in October 2019 provided that they meet all the requirements and are available as scheduled.


We have also been informed that the USGC Mark Man Ceremonial Team is no longer permitted to perform the Ceremony within a Craft Lodge.

It is not always easy or possible to work in accordance with the original plan, but we trust that perseverance with some flexibility to overcome some challenges will always deliver the best possible result.


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