Return to Excellence Initiative 2018-19


The Mission

To be awarded the “Lodge of Excellence” status by the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT.”


To achieve the Lodge of Excellence status, as our vision for 2018-19, we shall adjust some of the current practices of TSL 1020 in order to meet each Selection criteria of the Lodge of Excellence Program.
Using each of the criteria the Management Team will form our action plan for 2018-19.

  1. The Action Plans will be made SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound).
    We will achieve each task within the assigned due time.
  2. The Management Team shall prioritize tasks and work in the order of importance/urgency.
    Should a Task Force for a specific purpose be required, it must be led by one Management Team Member AND no more than one Task Force is to be led by a Management Team member at any given time.
  3. TSL Management Team aims to be able to retire all of its members in 2 years.
    This is to ensure that the succession planning is properly placed, and the future management members will benefit from an adequate guidance.
  4. Effective immediately, The Sydney Lodge will welcome “Expression of Interest” for any of the managerial offices.
    With an approval of the Management Committee, a selected applicant may be given an “Assistant” position in order to commence their training.
  5. The Progressive Office of the Ceremonial Team is also offered based on “Expression of Interest” only.
    The Selection Criteria is to be established and strictly adhered to.  This will be a point-based system to provide a fair and clear selection process.
  6. TSL 1020 shall have our positive presence felt by brethren within and without our lodge.
    For this purpose, the following are proposed:
  • Minimum 3 Fraternal visits (Sep, Nov, Mar)
  • All GL Communications (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec)
  • Relatively affordable Festive Board (circa $80)
  • Max 3 candidates for all degrees for the term 2018-19.
  • Open Door policy for the Pre-meeting Canapes and Festive Board.
  • Creative ways to connect with Rural Lodges.


Any suggestion to improve our Lodge is always welcome.
Please use the Contact Form to submit your proposal.

WBro Ken Shimizu
Worshipful Master 2018-2019


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