Motto for Emblem:

Praestare contendemus (we shall strive to excel).

Our Vision:

To be and to be seen as an exemplary lodge in the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales, in every respect but in particular with regard to principles, friendliness, ritual, community service, charitable works and dining. To attract like minded men from the Masonic Fraternity and the wider community who have a commitment to integrity, truth, justice, fidelity, reliability, prudence, brotherly love, consideration of others, benevolence, courtesy, affability, thoughtfulness, moderation and dignity who hold to our motto: “This above all to thine own self be true and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.”

Community Service and Charitable Works:

To be an exemplary Community Service Organisation whose profits for each year will be distributed for Charitable Purposes. To organise fund raising activities each year with the object of raising monies for appropriate Charitable Purposes as defined by the Charitable Fundraising Act of New South Wales.

We will seek authority to fundraise in accordance with the Act.

We will also seek to have the Australian Tax Office approve our Lodge as a Registered Charity with the implications that such registration brings with it including being seen by the community at large as a charity, being exempt from paying tax and having donations tax deductible in the donor’s hands.


It was agreed unanimously that full Evening Dress (White Tie, Tails, White Gloves and Miniatures of Orders, Decorations & Medals) would be worn by all Members and Visitors. However, if a Visitor arrives in “Black Tie” he will be made just as welcome and he will not be offered a white tie to wear with his dinner jacket. The same would apply to a Visitor wearing lounge suit. The Secretary is to keep a small supply of White Gloves available for purchase, should a Member come without his own. Only one neck jewel, one lapel pin, three pocket jewels (mounted on the same bar or pocket insert) and one breast jewel may be worn.

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