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Installation 2018


Worshipful Master Elect

Bro Ken Shimizu SW

as Worshipful Master of
The Sydney Lodge 1020

Installing Master
WBro Eugene Gramelis

in the presence of

MWBro Dr Gregory Henry Levenston PGM

Grand Director of Ceremonies
VWBro Kristianne Alabano

VWBro Brian Skingsley PDGIW
VWBro Anthony Freeman PDGIW

Board of Installed Masters
Senior Warden:   WBro Randall Wilson
Junior Warden:   WBro Jorge Trujillo
Inner Guard:   WBro Michael Levenston

To Worshipful Master:   RWBro Kevin McGlinn PGSec
To Wardens:   VWBro Brian Skingsley PDGIW
To Brethren:   WBro Shane Foley

Presentations of Working Tools
3rd Degree:    Bro Garen Gavarra
2nd Degree:   Bro Rene Gavarra
1st Degree:   Bro Arvin Gavarra

Installation Festive Board

Installation Festive Board

Main:    Braised Lamb shoulder, Red wine jus, Truffled mash w/ Celeriac puree and Dutch carrots

Dessert:    Crème Caramel, White chocolate soil, Cream Chantilly and Macerated Strawberries

Beverages:    Selection of Red, White and Rosè wines, Champagne, Prosecco, Dessert Wines

Entertainment:    Harpist Karen Hickmott, Wedded to the Harp

Venue:   Sydney Masonic Centre