The Sydney Lodge No 1020 (TSL)

This Lodge was consecrated on Saturday 7th June, 1997 by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, MWBro Reverend Raymond Green. The Foundation WM, RWBro Warwick Boyling served for two years and installed MWBro Bob Hammond, the senior Past Grand Master, as his successor. VWBro Brian Skingsley was the Foundation Secretary and served as such for 15 years, then becoming Treasurer. WBro Charles Rios is our sixteenth WM. During 2012-2014 we have initiated 19 members and have welcomed 5 affiliates. The membership of The Sydney Lodge now stands at 117.

The Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No 2 (LM2)

This Lodge was founded on 12th February 1824 and was welcomed into the GL of NSW as Lodge No 1 whilst Lodge Antiquity was No 0. On the forming of the UGL of NSW, the numbering was changed, Antiquity became No 1 and Leinster Marine No 2. For the first fifty years the term of the WM was six months and in October 1874 the GL of Ireland approved the change to a one year term. The fortunes of the Lodge unfortunately began to decline until it reached the stage when closure was imminent. An appeal by WBro Ron Atkinson, who was the 145th Worshipful Master of the Lodge, was heard and responded to by RWBro Warwick Boyling which led to their becoming the Daughter Lodge of The Sydney Lodge. It has been an association of great benefit to both Lodges. This Lodge is now in recess.

Lodge Samaritan No 50 (SAM)

The Samaritan lodge was originally named St Leonards Samaritan and the first meeting was held in July 1876 at the Oddfellows Hall, Mount St. St Leonards. The lodge was sponsored by the Robert Burns Lodge of Australia 817 (EC) and was the first to operate on the North side of the harbour.
The name was changed to Lodge Samaritan No 50 in January 1905. The Lodge altar and furniture were used at the Obligation of the first Grand Master in NSW, Earl Carrington PC CMG held at the Exhibition Building Prince Alfred Park on 18th September 1888, and in 1891 on the occasion of the Installation of the second Grand Master the Earl of Jersey PC CMG. Illuminated inscription plates in the front of the lodge Volume of the Sacred Law, which is now in Grand Lodge archives, testify to this. All NSW GMs have been obligated on this VSL.
The Samaritan lodge consolidated with the Athenaeum Lodge in 1986 and formed an association with The Sydney Lodge No 1020 in June 2006. This Lodge is currently in recess.